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We need your passport or foreigner id card to know your identity.

How happy you are, if you could finish all ready before arrive at korea.
But we can notify you of exact schedule for available room about 2 weeks earlier than date you want to enter room. Therefore, the best time to search house is 2 weeks earlier than date you want. If you want to determine house 2 weeks early, you need reservation. Otherwise, someone could contract house earlier than you.

① Reservation Fee
When you find your prefer house before arrive at korea, You had better reservate house not to be contracted to other person. The reservation fee is ₩100,000 won and please send it to FILLKOREA’s bank account.

② Room-Tour Fee
If you want only room-tour, you need to pay ₩30,000 won
– After room-tour, if you contract one of house from room-tour list : Room-tour fee will be returned back and you need to pay PLAN B.

③ Provisional Deposit (If you move into house after contract)
Please pay for provisional deposit (part of deposit or rent fee) in advance when you contract and pay for balance when you move in to house.

④ Deposit / Rent fee (If you move into house at the same day as contract day)
After writing up house contract, please pay for deposit and monthly rent fee.
– Deposit : full return back when you leave house.
– Monthly rent fee : please pay for at the same date you moved in to house to owner by cash or account transfer every month.

⑤ Commission
Please pay for commission on the same date you contracted house.

① For reservation fee : You can get money back 70% if you cancel reservation no later than 10 days before the date of moving into house. For the rest of periode, there is no refund, being regarded as loss of opportunity costs.
② For provisional deposit : No refund for provisional deposit because you have promised to contract as you know.
③ For deposit/monthly rent : It’s different depending on every each house. We notify you of regulations of refund when you write up contract.
④ For commission : After finish contract, there is no refund.

You can choice regular type (oneroom/gosiwon/hasuk) or school dormitory, Check which is suit for you.

① Regular type is best for these customers.
– Those who want to experience korean house culture directly and nearly.
– Those who want to find cheaper house than school domitory.
– Those who want to make relationship with various people besides students.
– Those who need freedom without restriction like sleeping time and curfew hour.

School dormitory is best for these customers.
– Those who want to concentrate on school life and study.
– Those who is suitable with fixed timetable like sleeping time and curfew hour

In korean oneroom system, the higher deposit, the lower monthly rent fee. House owner can get interest by saving deposit to bank. It could be also one of reason for long-term contract. And short-term contract cause cost to find next tenant to house owners frequently. That is why korean oneroom has high deposit and long-term contract system. Generally deposit for oneroom starts from ₩ 5million won to ₩ 20million won. If people don’t have enough deposit, they make deposit low and monthly rent fee little high. But the higher deposit, the higher risk also when it come to saying deposit return. But there are also various laws to protect their doposit. FILLKOREA doesn’t introduce high-deposit-oneroom which is exceeding 3million won deposit. We recommend low/non-deposit-oneroom to foreigners.



After join at Arrivals Hall, we will move to house by train or bus. There is no additional cost except pick-up fee.

① Please send copy of passport or foreigner id card by e-mail.
② Specialist of insurance company estimate and calculate expected insurance premium.
③ FILLKOREA’s staff will accompany you and help contract insurance with specialist of insurance company.
④ After pay for insurance premium, insurance takes effect.

According to speculation and performance, price varies.

① High-performance : It’s been within 2 years since launched. It can handle all task quickly. ₩ 280,000 won~
② Standard-performance : It’s been 2~3 years since launched. Good for photo/messege applications/call/text. ₩ 180,000~270,000 won.
③ Basic-performance : It’s been over 3 years since launched. Good for call and text messege. ~ ₩ 170,000 won.

  Most of foreigners use standard-peformance.
  We sell second-hand mobile phone averagely KRW 50,000 won cheaper than any other stores.

Pont of pre-paid.

① Whenever you can charge freely.
② It’s possible to contract with only passport (expiration : maximum 3months).
③ Short-term period available
④ Little bit more experience than plan-paid.

Pont of plan-paid.

① You can choose plan according to amount of data/call.
② Only available with foreigner id card (No expiration).
③ Short-term / Long-term period available.
④ You can obtain certification for purchasing anything online like internet shopping.

  If you have foreigner id card and plan to stay in korea over 3months, you had better contract plan-paid.
  You need to pay for USIM fee. It’s not included to accompany service fee.

1. Common required documents

① Original passport / copy of passport.
② Application form for registration.
③ 2 color phote (3.5×4.5cm).
④ Process fee : visit & take (₩ 30,000 won), take by post (₩ 33,000 won).
⑤ Accompany fee : ₩ 50,000 won.

2. Other required document as according to the status

① In case of General training (D-4).
– Language school at a university : A certificate of studentship.
– Academy : A document proving foundation of training organization (a copy of business registration, etc).

② In case of Working holiday (H-1).
– Itinerary or activity plan.
– In case of being at work : Certificate of employment or a copy of business registration.

  We must book visitng in advance to regist foreigner id card.



Yes, you can work.
① Those who get D-4(General Trainee) Visa : Can work for part time job after 6months.
② Those who get H-1(Working Holiday) Visa : Any time can work with H-1 Visa.

Tuition could be different depending on facilities, history, experience, location of language school and type of course like regular course/short-term course. In case of regular course, it costs according to school from ₩ 1,250,000 won to ₩ 1,760,000 won. Short-term tuition also could be different according to lesson period from ₩ 350,000 won to ₩ 1,300,000 won. Generally speaking, students pay for ₩ 1,600,000 won as regular course and ₩ 700,000 ~ 900,000 won as short-term course. When we are questioned from students about which school is cheap and great , We can answer that tuition could be priced by quality of teacher and curriculum. That means if tuition is expensive, there are more experienced teachers and curriculum.

There are three type of house in which you can stay such as dormitory of school and general house (oneroom/gosiwon/hasuk). First of all, dormitory is nomally more expensive than general house. Please ask us price for dormitory because it is different per each schools. Rent fee for general house (oneroom/gosiwon/hasuk) varies from area to area and depending on house type. You could pay for deposit if you choose oneroom but you don’t need deposit if you choose gosiwon or hasuk. Please refer to explanation for house here .

Living expenses
Comparatively speaking, living expenses in korea is cheaper than USA, Europe and Japanese. In case of transportation expenses, cost for subway and bus’s
basic rate starts from ₩ 1,250 won. The price of the dishes is generally ₩ 5,000~6,000 won in restaurant. If you go to school by walk and stay at hasuk in which breakfast/dinner is offered, you can cut down on expenses. In addition to that, cost for shopping, drinks and travel depends on the personal propensity to consume.